E type (EC/EM/EP)
All-purpose series (E type)
All-purpose type for various things
Output: 0.1kW~2.2kW
AH type
Low noise series (AH type)
Low noise and high airflow volume
Output: 0.2kW~3.7kW
KSB type
High pressure series (KSB type)
High-efficiency and wide selection type.
Output: 0.4kW~7.5kW
SF/SB type
General-purpose series (SF/SB type)
All-purpose type,responds to every need
Output: 0.025kW~0.04kW
FSM type
Multi Series (FSM type)
All-purpose type,responds to every need
FS type
Flange installed series (FS type)
The type of outlet flange directly installed to the equipment.
Output: 0.2kW~2.2kW
U type (U75/U100B)
Multi-stage series (U type)
small airflow and high pressure type
Output: 0.4kW~3.7kW
MD/ME type
Explosion proof series (MD/ME type) Usable at site with generated/accumulated flammable gas
Pressure & Explosion/Enhanced Safety Proof Series
Output: 0.2kW~2.2kW
Large-sized series (Denchoku)
Output: 0.75kW~45kW
U2V type
High pressure vortex series (Gust blower)
All-purpose type,small size and light weight,excellent at heat discharge and endurance
U2S type
Low noise type with a built-in high performance silencer
Output: 0.07kW~8.6kW
Agitating/circulating series
(Double volute)
Heat resistance electric blower for agitating/circulation



Showa-Denki T2V20, Showa-Denki T2V14, Showa-Denki KSB-H22, Showa-Denki FS-H04, Showa-Denki CRM-H07-V13, Showa-Denki KSB-H15, Showa-Denki M2S1, Showa-Denki M2S3, Showa-Denki CRMH-H07-S11, Showa-Denki M1V18, Showa-Denki CRM-H07-S11, Showa-Denki EP-H15, Showa-Denki M1V22, Showa-Denki WE-37, Showa-Denki U100B-H45, Showa-Denki T2V10, Showa-Denki MD(ME)-U100B-55, Showa-Denki CRM-H07-V21, Showa-Denki KT-50, Showa-Denki A2D10, Showa-Denki CRM-H04-V23, Showa-Denki K1S9, Showa-Denki KT-30, Showa-Denki U100B-H35, Showa-Denki CRM-H15-S11, Showa-Denki CRMH-H04-S23, Showa-Denki CFA-H240, Showa-Denki MD(ME)-AH-1200, Showa-Denki MD(ME)-EP-100T, Showa-Denki AH-H37, Showa-Denki SB-75, Showa-Denki M1V18, Showa-Denki CRMH-H22-S13, Showa-Denki MD(ME)-AH-600, Showa-Denki T2S6, Showa-Denki EP-75T, Showa-Denki MD(ME)-AH-800, Showa-Denki CRM-H04-V22, Showa-Denki KSB-H07B, Showa-Denki KT-35, Showa-Denki CFA-H215C, Showa-Denki T1V12, Showa-Denki M1V14, Showa-Denki T2V16, Showa-Denki T1V14, Showa-Denki U2S-150, Showa-Denki CRM-H04-S12, Showa-Denki T1V22, Showa-Denki T2V28, Showa-Denki U2S-40T,