Wind Bag WB-200
Portable fan appropriate for various applications (cooling, dry, circulation)

Ürün Dizisine Geri Dön


Powerful wind

Compared to rotary fans and others, it is more suitable for localized cooling and drying.

Adjustable outlet

Adjustable through a full range of 220°in the vertical plane.


Built-in motor protection to prevent burn out.

Heavy duty

Heavy duty steel body is sturdy, compared to ones made of plastic

Compact size and lightweight

The combination of bipolar motor and double sirocco fan makes for a light weight of 9.5 Kg. It is convenient to carry with a shoulder strap.

Extendable earth pin plug

No need to use a ground adapter.



Multipurpose portable fan (for cooling, drying, and rotating)
For drying wet or waxed floors
For spot blowing
(instead of the rotary fan)
For cooling radiators
For exhaust air
*Inlet opening, inlet hood,
and hoses are sold
For cooling applications



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