Wind Racer WR-100/WR-200
Dealing with hot air and cold air in a factory

Ürün Dizisine Geri Dön


To create comfortable environment! It is suitable for hot and cold air.

Improving air-conditioning and heating efficiency

By installing a Windracer in front of an air conditioner’s air outlet, you can distribute cool or warm air in a stable, efficient manner.

Inducing movement of hot air and steam

By installing number of Windracers in series, you can efficiently transport hot air or steam from inside a plant to an exhaust fan.

Supplying air locally

Air can be supplied locally to workers in hot, humid environments. (Spot airflow can be used to counteract the effects of heat.)

Improving air-conditioning and heating efficiency
Inducing movement of hot air and steam
Supplying air locally


Standart Özellikleri

*Japan use: 100V, Thailand use 220V
Please inquire to our oversea sales department for other country specifications.

Özellikler Faz Frekans (Hz) Voltaj (V) Anma Akımı (A) Gürültü (dB(A)) Üfleme Açısı (°) Ağırlık (kg)
0.1kW・100V (WR-100N) 1 50/60 100 2.1/1.9 56/59 35 15
0.2kW・100V (WR-200N) 1 50/60 100 4.9/5.3 66/69 35 17
0.1kW・220V (WR-100W) 1 50 220 1.0 56 35 15
0.2kW・220V (WR-200W) 1 50 220 2.2 66 35 17



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